Thursday, August 9, 2012

Artiste Baby Shoe - La Belle Vie

When I first glanced through the Artiste Handbook, I noticed this cute little shoe and I couldn't wait to make one! You may have noticed that Artiste is organized with themed keys.  This makes it so easy to start and finish a project in a jiffy since all your cuts will be grouped together on one key!  Another great addition to this new CTMH cartridge is that it comes with an awesome Assembly Instructions booklet.  The handbook and the assembly instructions both reference each other by the green circled page numbers.  This eliminates wasting precious crafting time by not having to fumble through the pages!

You'll notice that the "C" key has some really cute baby cuts including the cute little 3-D shoe. Can you see the little green circle with the number 41 next to the shoe?  That tells me that the assembly instructions are on that page in the booklet.  So cool!

Here are the assembly instructions on page 41, and it references back to the handbook by having a green circled 63.  Now I can go right to that page to make my cuts if I started with the booklet first!

These are my cuts done at 4" which is suggested in the handbook.  I decided to use our new papers, La Belle Vie since I wanted a more elegant rather than babyish look.

It was so easy to put together, and I used our new black Tulle Ribbon and Bling Assortment to make a bow for the front of the shoe.  Cute, huh?

So cute and easy to make, thanks to the Cricut Artiste cartridge!  You could tuck a gift certificate in here or use them as favors with some candies in them for a Baby Shower.

I hope this inspires you to create something today.  If you don't have the Cricut Artiste Cartridge yet, you can place your secure order by clicking on the BUY NOW button at the top of the page.  Happy Crafting!

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